Bookery Manchester has been our dream for years, and it has been yours too. But we are only able to stay around with your help.

We have so many things to offer you, things you want: Books to share with your friends and family, pens and notebooks to encourage your loved ones to stay creative and organized, even little games and toys for your kids. When you come in you keep our dream alive, and seeing you all contented makes the work we put in every day behind the scenes all worth it. Shopping with us means we can keep bringing culture and new voices to Manchester; we can bring the world to you as few other Manchester places can, we can help you understand your neighbor in ways you never thought you might. We can provide you with a unique gift and we are eager to be your window to a deeper understanding. Plus, we have some pretty delicious coffee, and who doesn’t love that?

When you come to Bookery Manchester, you are doing more than buying books, getting a drink after a long day, spending time with friends just talking. You are supporting local business. You are financing your city. You are keeping your community new and fresh. You are supporting the dream of a local citizen, someone who cares about the city as much as you and only wants to make it a better place to be. You aren’t funding a corporation which exists in some other state, you aren’t giving it to people who will use it for their own gain: buying locally is investing in your community, and when you invest in your home, you ultimately win.

You may notice our website is not robust as it could be. ‘Why?’ you might ask? The answer is simple: Community. Bookery Manchester is a place to get books, but it is so much more than that. It is a place to have good conversation with new people, a way to meet new friends or a place to come in and do work over a hot or iced coffee. You can’t experience these things online. We want you to come into our store and feel what it means to be in Bookery Manchester, a place to be.