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Your more traditional novel: Fake characters, fake worlds, real lessons.


If you are a fan of the past and how it paved the way to the present, your buck stops here.


Learn about your favorite celebrities, writers, or even people who have walked a similar path to you. Biographies are the way to see how the world has been formed by important people or confirmation you aren’t alone in your suffering.

Board Books

The nearly indestructible medium perfect for infants and toddlers, this is where kids learn to read, spell, and love literature.

Picture Books

The classic jumping off point of literary lovers, picture books teach kids of the wide world which exists outside of their limited spectrum.

JUV Fiction

All kids grow up one day, and here is the next step. Chapter books about coming of age, kids claiming power for themselves, and learning how to face a harsh world.

JUV Nonfiction

These books focus on sciences, animals, women and men who have been driven to change the world.

YA Fiction

For ages 13+, Young Adult Fiction often tackles peer pressure, sexual identity, identity at large, and heroism even in small moments.

YA Nonfiction

For 13+-year-olds who are becoming more socially aware, Young Adult Nonfiction rips off the band-aid on social issues, identity, injustices throughout time and the people strong enough to overcome them.


Poetry is a medium of all gender, creeds, religion, sexual identity. It is subjective enough to be pondered over, and objective enough to appeal to everyone.

Science Fiction/Fantasy

Dealing far more heavily in other worlds than fiction, science fiction captures the idea of what could be, often a gritty remark on the world we currently occupy. Fantasy deals often with worlds occupied by creatures not quite human dealing with circumstances all too human.


For those who like history, but right now. Political books assess the state of the world and address how we got where we are.


Need to tickle your funny bone? Check out humor to get hu-more bang for your buck.


Everything outdoors, from hiking trails to the history of mountains, our nature section will give you green thumbs.


Get in touch with yourself and find a way to a better you.


Why does that work? How does that work? Who was the first to make it work? All these questions and more, answered in science.


Essays on womanhood, images from feminist marches, and the destruction of harmful phrases or the reappropriation of those words from insult to empowerment.


Want to open a new business? Thought about investing but don’t know how to take the first step? Learn from industry leaders about the art that is business.


Want to read about your favorite artist? Or are you looking for a book to help you solidify your skills? The art section will have you covered and inspired in no time.


Read about dishes from around the world, or how to cook them yourselves.


Learn what makes the greats so great, or read about some of your favorite plays.

Graphic Novels

Check out this growing genre, you might be surprised by the diversity you find.


Are you looking for a book to keep you on the edge of your seat or send shivers down your spine? Look no further, Mystery/Thriller is sure to scratch that itch other books fail to satisfy.