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We want your face to light up when you walk inside to begin your adventure, discovering your next book or finding your perfect gift. We love watching children’s eyes widen over Storytime and Crafts on Saturdays, and your stress levels immediately lower as you wander around with a drink in your hand.

Bookery Manchester is proud to be the go-to space for you, your family, your friends, and our collective community. There is nothing better than overhearing shoppers say “WOW, this is OUR local Manchester bookstore?!”

We want to thank YOU, our patrons, who allow something so unique and special to thrive here in Manchester. We continue to learn from and be encouraged by your feedback, please help us improve by sharing what we do well, and what we can improve on.



Is home to a vast, unique collection of literature that balances both mainstream and lesser-known material. We love to keep our selection intriguing and fresh by paying tribute to the classics, bringing in new arrivals each week, and, of course, featuring new releases.

Our wide assortment features every genre that your heart can possibly desire, from travel and biographies to the top of the best-seller’s list. How do we know which books to buy for our customers? It’s hard to decide, but our top priority is always listening to you. Some of it is as simple as purchasing more of what people are buying from the store, or staying tuned in to what you are requesting online if you didn’t find what you were looking for during your visit, but most of it is an innate sense of what will strike your eye on the shelf or an interesting topic you've always wanted to read more about but never found the time.  

If you are experiencing the opposite problem, however, and are having trouble picking which book to try, we also offer “staff pick” selections scattered throughout the store! Booksellers are incredibly knowledgeable, and we are always happy to recommend our favorite reads to new readers.

Blind Date With a Book

While the shelves of Bookery Manchester are filled with adventure, we also love to keep the store alive by creating ever-changing book displays and monthly celebrations for national holidays.

Have you ever been on a blind date

with a book?

For Valentine’s day, we carefully wrap hand-selected novels, label them only with short hints about the genre or author, and have you pick out one based on curiosity alone! This is just one example of the fun that we have while putting together community events, designing tables for curated topics, and sharing our love for books!


Gifts and Merchandise

Looking for the perfect gift for a fellow literature lover, or adding to your own collection? We have an entire section of Bookery Manchester filled with printed socks, scented candles, t-shirts, pins, and other book-themed merchandise!  For our creative-minded customers and art enthusiasts, we also offer a wide selection of guided journals, colorful notebooks, art supplies, and pens.

Not exactly sure of what it is you’re looking for? Don’t worry! Our booksellers will help you find the perfect gift or novel for the person that you have in mind. Or, just have fun browsing through our knick-knacks that start at prices as low as a few dollars; fun desk toys, calendars, games, stuffed animals, and more!



No need to grab the scissors and tape, we will wrap your purchase perfectly with our ever-changing wrapping paper! Whether you are stopping in minutes before you pop over to a party, or have never quite mastered the art of gift presentation, we have you covered.



A good card let’s someone know that you were thinking of them; a great card makes them feel appreciated, cared for, and understood. We have curated cards for every occasion and circumstance, thoughtfully written and designed with our customers in mind.