Behind the Scenes at Bookery Manchester with Hope Jordan

Hope Jordan may not be a name readily on your tongue, but there is something in Manchester which wouldn’t be the same were it not for Hope: Poetry. Perhaps you have been, perhaps you have only heard, and perhaps you haven’t heard of it (but will be eager to check out once you see Hope in person); Hope was instrumental to the creation of Slam Free or Die, New Hampshire's nationally recognized Slam Poetry team

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Behind the Scenes at Bookery Manchester: Spencer Wise

Spencer Wise has written across all genres, writing for such publications as Time Out NY and Sports Illustrated. The Emperor’s Shoes is his first novel, and it is about something he knows well: Shoes. Spencer’s family has a long heritage of shoemaking, tracing all the way back to Poland. Bookery Manchester wanted to flip the pages of Spencer’s brain, kick the dust of his literary shoes, and get to the sole of him and his art.

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Jared Carlson